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The iconic story of Jade Brickell

The sales history of Jade Brickell is maybe the best example to illustrate Miami’s condos market over the last 6 or 7 years.

In 2004 when the complex opened, units sold at a fast pace and at a price of around $500 per sqft. In 2006 when the market was at its peak, the average closed price per sqft was around $600. A year after, the market dropped and since many buyers were unable to pay any longer their mortgage, a huge wave of foreclosures occurred. Prices fell down by more than 50%. Read the rest of this entry »

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Downtown Miami enters in a new era

During the last decade, investments in Miami where mostly concentrated on Miami Beach. However things have recently changed as Miami Downtown is becoming a central hub for international investments.There are several reasons explaining this new trend. First of all, attractive real estate prices have pulled investors to this area. Read the rest of this entry »

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Condo built for car aficionados

The new Sunny Isles Beach luxury project is going to be the most avant-garde Miami Beach building.

This 57-story and 132 units cylindrical building is the fruit of the collaboration between Porsche Design Group and Gil Dezer, a local developer. Read the rest of this entry »

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Miami’s market outperforming the US!

Although being hit by one of the biggest crisis, the Miami’s housing market is now outperforming the nation. I know it is hard to believe but in 2011, the average number of sales in the US has increased by 2% whereas Florida’s market has increased by 15%. Unfortunately I don’t have the stats for Miami Beach but I am sure the increase is even more drastic. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sales at Canyon Ranch are booming.

Thanks to its unique features and its prime location, more than 50% of Canyon Ranch’s units have sold. This record has been achieved in less than 7 months.

The price positioning has not scared off the Canyon Ranch aficionado buyers. At this time units sell at an average of $680/sqft. If you would like to have an overview of the remaining available units, please visit the Canyon Ranch page.

According to Michael Sadov, director of sales, more closings are expected in the winter season. Canadian buyers have widely participated in this strengthening of the market.


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