Miami Science Museum relocation

06 Jan

In 2014, Miami’s Museum of Science will be relocated in the Museum Park, next to the Miami Art Museum, on Biscayne Boulevard, right next to the AA arena. The construction of the 250,000 sq complex designed by Grimshaw Architects will take around 27 months to be built and will start this February.

Its move has generated numerous environmental initiatives, Museum employees are currently working on environmental solutions for the new location.

The new lab will include a nursery designed to grow mangroves which are eco-friendly trees since their roots stabilize the shoreline and filter pollutants. Furthermore, workers are growing coral colonies in order to transplant them to the new location where a coral reef exhibit will be created. The new Museum will feature an advanced digital video globe, Magic Planet, which will allow visitors to get an interactive study of the climate. Finally, the full complex will be powered by green energy sources as water, sun and wind. The best is that museum visitors will interact and provide energy to run some exhibits.

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One response to “Miami Science Museum relocation

  1. Haylee Jennings

    February 25, 2012 at 2:03 am

    This is going to be an amazing attraction! wow, 27 months, I can’t wait.


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