Miami tourism is breaking records!

09 Apr

Can you believe it? Last year, 13.4 million tourists visited the Magic City which represents a 6.7% annual increase! To be honest, this raise is not exclusive to Miami’s area: Broward County has announced an augmentation of 1.1 million visitors in 2011. More broadly, Florida State accounted 85.9 million visitors in 2011 which is a record as well. The best of it, is that tourists spent 10% more than in 2010.

Those records are the results of a huge marketing campaign in 38 different countries. Additionally, new events have been created in order to boost tourism. Some examples include the Miami Film Month in March and the Miami Golf Month in April. Furthermore, new direct flights have been added to Miami International Airport: Barcelona, Amsterdam, Lisbon…

Another interesting fact you guys should note is that Brazilians are the first to feed the market, followed by Canadians and Argentinians. So it is now time to learn how to play soccer and to slam Caipirinhas at the W Hotel!

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