Welcome to Chinatown Miami!

21 Dec

Capture4The Miami Dade County is known for its melting pot and multiculturalism. That is why, a consultant of Miami City named Mikki Canton wants to establish a new complex in this area in order to create a Chinatown district in Miami.

The complex is supposed to be the center of an international district. It will feature several projects directed to the Asian community. For example they plan the development of grocery shops, charter schools, housings, offices and a senior center. Mikki Canton already bought the name Chinatown Miami to designate the project. The complex is scheduled to be launch in 2 years and will cost around 40 million to be built.

The idea of this project is not to separate the Asian community from the rest of the population. On the contrary it is aimed to attract people so they can discover the Asian culture and take part of it. The goal is also to gather different cultures and to mix them to create a great combination.

Canton is still looking for the perfect spot to develop that complex. Indeed the place she is looking for has to allow the project to grow both economically and organically. It seems that Miami or North Miami Beach could be two potentials host cities basically because this is where we count the largest Asian community.

If Canton wants the project to work out it has to be accessible and attractive for the Asian community. It means that the project shouldn’t be considered as a tourist attraction. Indeed, the Asian community has to feel that they can live, work and breathe in that Chinatown Miami.

An area like this one would be a good way for the Asian American community to unite. The Asian Community of Florida always wanted such a project to exist but never knew how to do it!

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