We have a winner for the South Beach convention center!

19 Jul

A few months ago in the article “A new face for the South Beach Convention Center!” we talked about the crazy game engaged between two giant developers for the remodeling of the Miami Beach Convention Center. Back then the two competitors where Portman CMC and South Beach Ace.

Well yesterday and after several months of promotions and pitches, the ACE proposal was chosen by the Miami Beach city commission. Ace was chosen because their retail space is going to generate more income for the city. For the most significant urban developments in Miami Beach the Ace team, led by Dan Tishman, focused their efforts on the fact that the convention center has been an urban blockade for the Miami Beach community and that solutions were needed.

That is why thanks to ingenious moves they are creating dynamism around the convention center. Even when conventions are not held, public amenities will animate the space 7 days a week.

Another drawback of the current convention center is that the area is suffering from traffic congestion and is totally disconnected from Lincoln road. For that reason the master plan is also based on rotating the convention center to have it face South and open it to the Lincoln road retails shops thanks to a new concourse.
Finally rather than expanding the Convention Center,  the ballroom and hotel will be built on top of it.

In my point of view the project looks modern and will open the space around the Convention Center so it can become the artery of Miami Beach. I am happy to know that this is what thousands and thousands of professional and tourists will witness when they come to assist to a convention or to visit Miami.  It is for me a good representation of what Miami is, a dynamic and vibrant city that is opened to the world.

The total cost of the project is estimated at $1.1 billion and will be finished in 2018.The Convention Center District will be revamped with the best tastes possible and resourceful ideas. I would recommend you to take a look at their proposal, you will astonished!

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