Welcome to the Faena District!

20 Dec
Welcome to the Faena District!

The Argentine developer Alan Faena started up several projects to reshape mid-Miami Beach. Did you ever drive up Collins and noticed that North of 24th street up to the Fontainbleau, it was kind of a no man’s land? Well, Alan Faena is going to change that with an entire new neighborhood.

Let’s begin with the condos! We will soon discover the Faena House designed by Foster+Partners. It’s a very unique and luxurious 18-floors condo surrounded by other Faena’s projects such as a park and an Arts center. Surrounded by great architects, the developer also hired the film director Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge and The Great Gatsby) to renovate the Saxony Hotel. The purpose is at the same time to bring back the old glamour and to modernize this pleasant condo.

In fact, each one of these projects is meticulously thought and features upscale amenities. If cranes rise into the sky behind Faena, it’s above all because he is more a visionary than a traditional businessman. He actually has a dream: to turn mid-Beach into a splendid new epicenter. It’s not a question of reshaping only one condo but of redefining the neighborhood with continuity and cohesion. There’s no point in telling you that the city planners and historic-preservation officials encourage Faena’s vision.

When you ask him about his vision, he answered in a few words that “My ability was to have the patience and to direct them and to know what I wanted”. In real estate, this is the perfect recipe for greatness and success, isn’t it?

A few years ago, the Argentine developer turned Buenos Aires’ sleepy Puerto Madero district into a goose that laid the golden eggs. He intends to reiterate this success on Miami Beach. For sure, as he reaches for the moon, he will at least land in the stars. So the Faena District will certainly become an excellent environment for people and will pay homage to Miami Beach’s beauty!

Check out this video from Baz Luhrmann

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