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Miami Innovation Tower to break ground in 2016

Miami Innovation Tower Real Estate Innovation District

Miami Innovation Tower

It has come to public knowledge that developer Michael Simkins intends to break ground on the Miami Innovation Tower by May 2016. It would represent 6.5 M sqft in the new Miami Innovation District. The project is to be followed by an office building and an apartment project.

It will be a key component of the Miami Innovation District. The goal of the area? To attract promising tech companies. The tower has a conducive role of enhancing the tech hub–to-become by giving required amenities to such aim. SHoP Architects and West 8 have joined in the project to comply with the promises of creating an environment exceeding any similar district in the world. Read the rest of this entry »

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It’s getting more expensive to be a renter

cost renting buying Miami Florida

The cost of renting

Rentals are becoming more and more expensive. Indeed, in April 2015, rents were 4% higher than a year before. It is the fastest rise in 2 years. It has even outpaced the prices of homes that have risen by 3%.

The situation is worsening itself as regards to rental affordability and improvements are long to be seen. Rentals shall still increase to a certain point to then hopefully get better. Such is the trend if one trusts the steady rise that has been observed since 2000. There has been no important disruption showing any slowdown in rent prices as compared to home prices that have been struck hard when the bubble exploded. Read the rest of this entry »

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