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Homeowners cashing in on the equity boom

Home EquityAs of October 2015, we are already observing that 98.5% of Home Equity Lines Of Credit have been handed to borrowers with good credit.

Americans are using their home equity faster than ever apart from the period that came right after the housing bubble 10 years ago. It can become a concern, leaving us wondering whether we are headed back to the days when people had mortgages over their homes in order to fund their holidays and daily expenses. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why is October the Best Month to Buy a Home?

time to buy, investment, real estate, octoberWe have come to that time of the year when sellers are motivated and pricing is accurate. The new mantra is not location anymore, timing is gold too! It shows that October is the best month to close when you purchase a home.

Why so? Buyers get an average 2.6% discount below the assessed market value. Indeed, October is right between the selling season and the high winter season. Not only is there a seasonal price discount but sellers are willing to negotiate, interest rates might rise, we get tax perks and the change in climate might cause system’s issue. Read the rest of this entry »

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