6 ways to give your bedroom a boutique hotel feel

18 Nov
Marina palms aventura luxury preconstruction condos model unit

Cosy bedroom in Marina Palms – Aventura

The art of staging is a true skill that can change the whole look shed on your apartment. Whether you are reading this article to upgrade your interior or you want to make it tenant-ready, here are a few tips. How to feel like you are on cloud nine without leaving home? Let materials play their part.

Luxe sheets can go a long way. Outfit your bed with beautiful silky white sheets with minimum 300 thread counts. You will likely find percale or sateen sheets in hotel rooms, choose whatever you will be the most comfortable with. Once you have found a brand of linens you can’t get enough of, we recommend purchasing several sets to always remain coherent with your interior design.

Then, make the lighting feel warm and cozy. Remember, it is all about the atmosphere you create. You have probably witnessed the fact that hotel rooms usually have symmetrically-positioned lamps on both sides of the bed. It visually pulls the room together and changes the space’s mood. If you opt for sconces, consider getting them in pairs. Soft colors you wouldn’t think of, such as pink, can create a whole different character of place to lounge in.

You want your bedroom to look comfortable and give the impression of softness. A fluffy rug would help! Having the chance to walk with bare feet all around your apartment and feel the softness underneath is an absolute comfort. Pick small sheepskin rugs to place around your bed. The fluffier, the better!

Pillows contribute to this warm ambiance. It is no surprise that luxury hotels dedicate a lot of time organizing the pillow combinations. They act as a welcome sign first and become functional as soon as you jump on the bed! They are the perfect to grab whether you want to lean back or zone out, so the shape and texture matter! Large square European pillows are a must if you want to play the luxury card.

For the tech-savvy ones of you, what about adding a musical touch with wireless speakers? They sync up with your phone and allow any kind of streaming. Most of all, they are cute little items that do not show the ugly strings coming out of regular speakers.

Finally, the bedside table is the pedestal for your most precious treasures. It keeps all your most useful stuff close to you and act as a small relaxing stool. You can release yourself on it. Choose them carefully as they will be your secret keepers!

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