How do I pick the best real estate company to sell my house with?

03 Dec

Yacht ClubWhen you decide to sell your home, I am sure that one big question arises: who should you trust to put your property on the market? Some would rather go to a big real estate agency and some would feel more comfortable with a smaller company. What are the advantages of listing with a boutique real estate company?

The first and more obvious argument is that your property is not a number among 1000 other listings. Assuming that boutique real estate agencies have fewer listings, the service and attention dedicated to your listing is premium. Remember quality over quantity. Expect better quality given to your listing and a more detail-oriented approach. You can be sure that your listing is the number one focus because you are our number one client. Knowing that your agent is on top of it is a great guarantee.

Moreover, a boutique real estate agency usually rules by fewer stiff procedures as compared to a big multi-state brokerage. Therefore, you can ask your agent for customized treatment and personalized service. How does it take shape? You can basically request your own tailored marketing, adapted to what is more relevant for your listing, depending on what audience should be targeted and more… When a boutique company promotes your condo, your ad will be very unique and specifically designed. At least, it won’t be lost among other property ads ! Plus it would cater to your needs. For example, we would not promote your condo to an American clientele if you are located in South Beach where 80% of the buyers are foreigners.

Your ad will be unique and specifically designed. Big companies have their own marketing processes that are already set. It is more difficult for them adapt to different countries for example. They have less versatility. Adaptation is key indeed and is very much linked to entrepreneurial spirit.  For example, if you have a loft, let’s say at Marquis we would take the initiative to order a drone to record a promotion video to create a virtual tour. Smaller agencies have more freedom to think of ideas out of the box, instead of following the procedures.

Another relevant point could be that you have more margin of negotiation on fees with a smaller brokerage. Again, not being stuck in tight guidelines makes it more flexible.

In a boutique company, the mindset is a bit different to the extent that it is often an experimented agent who decided to create his or her on brokerage after gaining a lot of experience. It often comes along a concrete database as compared to big brokerages with a lot a newcomers. Here, there is no brand name but knowledge and expertise.

Last but not least, the time frame greatly differs from a boutique agency to a big real estate company. Smaller companies will have your listing ready and submitted to the market within the next 2 hours after signature, whereas bigger brokerages need to have it signed, then approved by the manager, then input by the secretary and you will have it ready 3 days later! If you want to cancel your listing, you may even not been able to cancel it or being charged. In a boutique company, just tell us, we would figure something out together.

Have you made your decision?

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