How Will “Home Staging” Help Sell My House?

16 Mar

Staging 2“Professional home staging” is offering new perspectives regarding listing promotion in the real estate marketplace. Now, home showings are professionally taken care of. While agents have knowledge about selling and closing deals, not all of them are design savvy. They know however what factors could be underlined. Some staging expert advice could be needed.

Home stagers are trained in the art of preparing a home for sale. They eliminate clutter, consider the “flow” and “feng-shui” of a home, eliminate clutter, embellish and arrange. Thanks to home staging, listings can make a notable first impression on potential purchasers.

Bear one thing in mind: it is not about revamping the whole property as we are looking to sell it, but to make it look good. The first impression is the key factor in selling your home.  Listings could end up not even being shown because of a poor staging and poor pictures. That is why at Condoideas Realty Group, we recommend the use of a professional home stager. Nell Lorgeron has achieved some magical transformations for the following listings at the Ambassador condo and Paramount Bay:

Staging 1


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2 responses to “How Will “Home Staging” Help Sell My House?

  1. Gregory Willard

    September 12, 2016 at 10:18 am

    A friend of mine is trying to sell their house, and they heard something about staging their home first. It’s interesting that you can hire someone to give you advice, and stage your home. It would be nice to have a professional come in and show you what to do.

    • miamicondoideasblog

      December 21, 2016 at 5:17 pm

      Hello Gregory,

      Sorry for the late reply. Can you please send us your contact information at so we can discuss further your options.


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