In which neighborhood should I buy a condo?

10 Nov

1611-design-districtA few years back, Miami was just an exotic city by the ocean for wealthy people. In the last few years, Miami has drastically changed. It became a modern metropolis, which encompasses charming and distinct neighborhoods. You can find urban design popping everywhere. Tourists and entrepreneurs for all over the world are attracted to the sunshine city. Let’s discover the multiple facets of Wynwood, the Design district and Brickell.


Did you know that this area was a pineapple farm that started to change in the 20’s when Theodore Moore opened his first furniture store. During the 90’s a local real estate developer started buying land and the first showroom settled there. In the last 10 years, Art Basel has introduced the international contemporary art market around this neighborhood, which brought it to the limelight. Restaurants such as Micheal’s genuine Food & Drink and Mandolin opened their doors in this new trendy place to be. Art Basel turned Miami into a cultural global city. Miami is not any longer considered just a fun and sunny city. Architectural landmarks are predominant in the design District. You’ll pass by Buckminster Fuller’s Fly’s Eye Dome, Le Corbusier statue and the Moore building.

After becoming famous for design stores, lots of famous fashion stylist as Luis Vuitton, Valentino, Bulgari later opened their ateliers and flagship stores. They’ve also re-interpreted the shopping experience which becomes similar to walking into an outdoor museum.

The district is still evolving with some famous designers such as Tony Burch, Saint Laurent, Alice and Olivia and Diane Furnstenberg which are opening their new stores. The Institute of Contemporary Art is building its headquarters with 20,000/sqft of gallery space and 15,000 of public sculpture garden. Brand news condos such as Baltus and Hyde midtown could be called home if you are a fashionista guru.


Brickell’s fast pace evolution is almost as bewildering as the one from the Design District. High-rises, rooftop bars glitter in the dark. It’s not only about condos such as the Epic or the Brickell city center but there is also a new way of life and cozy neighborhood feeling thanks to an outdoor mall, a luxurious shopping center, a new walkway along the bay and one along the river where people gather, jog and play around with their kids. The café terraces add livelihood, which makes Brickell more dynamic, young and fun.

In Brickell you can still find yourself surrounded by art and amazing architecture such as Botero’ sculpture in front of Le Parc, or Fabian Burgo’s façade of Brickell Heights.

This neighborhood brings Miami to the level of an international metropolis combining residential living with retail, office and commercial developments.


Wynwood has an industrial, hippie feel to it thanks to its one-story warehouses, which host artists. As a matter of fact, most of the warehouses have been remodeled and are used as studios or art galleries. The outside walls are like blank canvas for urban artists who are exposing their artworks to the world . Wynwood is an alive and colorful area with attractive cool bars and restaurants of every nationality. Wynwood is an urban environment frequented by tourists but mainly inhabited and brought to life by locals. Today Wyndwood is one of the richest open air museums with an exciting collection of murals and street art.

Wynwood was transformed from an industrial area to a feel good community. It’s a really fascinating and full of young and trendy artists. We can maybe compare Wynwood to Soho or the Meatpacking district a few years back. This neighborhood was created generation over generation. The goal is to keep the original soul of the district.

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