Why Miami Beach Condos are the best – Post Hurricane Irma

15 Sep
Why Miami Beach Condos are the best – Post Hurricane Irma

Last weekend, Hurricane Irma greeted Florida with huge wind and heavy rain. Miami Beach was no exception and the city braced the incoming storm with bravery. The city fared incredibly well. There was careful planning and the lack of damages is indisputable. Electricity power were on all the time and just four days after the storm, all businesses are back on their feet.

Even better, the majority of Miami Beach’s condominiums remain unscathed. There were no reported serious damage to any units. In fact, the assistant of Condoideas Realty Group decided to ride out the hurricane and stayed inside her condo at the Yacht Club. The building withheld the strong wind and water and electricity were running perfectly during the storm.

Other condominiums such as Murano Grande and the Floridian also coped the strong wind easily. Water did not leak into the units and tenants are happy to come back to their home. Pre-hurricane Irma, all condo associations were working hard to help unit owners. To those owners who were not in Miami Beach at that moment, they lent a helping hand in removing furniture from the balcony.

In other words, Miami Beach was a responsive and proactive city. Everyone was playing their role to ensure the safety of others. For example, the South Pointe Tower condominium had an emergency security team that stayed behind just in case residents needed their help. After the hurricane passed, it took only two days for all employees to sprung back to work and greet warmly to the returning residents.

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