Miami Real Estate’s Health. Should you be concerned?

02 Oct
Miami Real Estate’s Health. Should you be concerned?

The answer is: no. Miami Real Estate is buzzing with activity. One might think that Hurricane Irma slowed down the market but this is simply a false statement as sales and rentals are picking up yet again. The reason being on this fast market recovery is probably due to South Florida Building Code that was imposed in 2002 a few years after hurricane Andrew to withstand hurricane disaster. The damages were kept at minimum, only trees and electricity was down for a few days.

In terms of investment, US investors are steadily outpacing the foreign buyers. They are eager to invest in bondable returns and make use of debt funds especially when the stock market is high. Their main target? South Florida. A quick look on sales on one of the top property in Miami Beach, the Murano Grande shows a noticeable increase of US buyers compared to last year. Nevertheless, this does not mean there are less foreign investors. In fact, they are coming in stream of water. There are many reasons for this trend. Political turbulence in foreign countries makes the United States an attractive country for investment. Furthermore, most buyers consider Miami as a perfect choice for a second home to a getaway heaven.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that Miami Real Estate is not slowing down anytime soon. One might say that it is the beginning of a new cycle. Either way, Miami’s popularity with international and local investors remains indisputable.

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