Top 3 Pre-Constructions you have to see during Art Basel 2017

08 Dec
Top 3 Pre-Constructions you have to see during Art Basel 2017

The most high profile event of the year is here in Miami. Thousands of people are flocking the renowned Art Basel which means there are many many potential buyers. The question is how can the developers and brokerages attract them? Well, by providing lavish parties with musical and dance performances, plus art installations of course! Here’s a list of creative attractions that you must see!


Go to the patio of this pre-construction condominium and enjoy digital art and musical performances called Hakanai which is performed by Adrien M & Claire B. It is a three days of dance performance from Wednesday through Friday.


It’s the perfect time to visit penthouses. Taking over 3 of the most luxurious penthouse in the Rise Condo, the developer of the building is partnering with Casacor to exhibit 20 international designers and artists. Do we need to say more?


The most exclusive residence is planning in-house art studio to their clients. Interactive art installation by local artist Tatiana Blanco is sure to astound you. Come find out more on this project with us!

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