Chinese buyers are coming for Miami’s real estate

19 Jan
Chinese buyers are coming for Miami’s real estate

Miami is well known for its attractive real estate market and the Chinese has taken note of this. As of last year, the Chinese makes up the third largest group of buyer in Miami and the second in the U.S.  There are several reasons why this is a growing trend.

First of all, strong appreciation of the Chinese Yuan means the middle and upper class in China are now able to invest in equity elsewhere. Miami is considered to have a lower price points than the cities in China. For them, the luxury condominiums in Miami such as The SLS Brickell Condo, The Epic Condo, and The Icon South Beach are actually offered at a discounted price. The same level of luxury in cities such as Shanghai and Beijing would have cost more.

The Chinese are also considering Miami as a consumable investment which is easy to sell. The plan for them is to buy the units at a low price and sell it a high price later. This optimism comes from the fact Miami is considered as a booming city. Furthermore, the Miami real estate caters foreign investment which serves as a further encouragement to invest here in the city.

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