The case of Western Venetian island

15 Jun
The case of Western Venetian island

There is a huge confusion whether the western Venetian island belongs to Miami or the Miami Beach. After all, the zip code seems to apply to Miami Beach but the city belongs to Miami. The western venetian island (which makes up San Marco and Biscayne Island) seems to leaning towards Miami Beach. In fact, the residents themselves are taking action in their own hands by holding petition and collecting signature door-to-door.

The spirit comes from the inefficiency and the discrepancy of the current system. Children of San Marco and Biscayne Islands are schooled in Miami Beach as they share the same zip code. However, since they belong to the city of Miami, they are unable to register as ‘residents’ and have to pay ‘non-residents rate’ to the school.

To further worsen the matter, residents on these island lack adequate police coverage. The Western Venetian Island are in the same patrol area as the heavily populated areas as District 2. Residents are complaining that they need to wait 45 minutes for a police to be in the area.

Moreover, the Biscayne and Marco Island which is full with single-family residence with only few condo (see 1000 Venetian Way condo) shares the same zoning as District 2 which is more of an urban zone with high-rises. The zoning requires less green space which affects the residence. There is a dispute where The City of Miami fails to monitor ongoing construction in the area and fail to enforce zoning infractions.

The fate of the western venetian island to join the City of Miami Beach is still undecided but it has garnered attention of high-profile commissioner. If these two island were to join the City of Miami Beach, there would be an additional $3m revenue in property tax to the city.

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