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Little have we discussed about to the current Miami condo’s oversupply. There are new constructions in every corner, that have pushed developers to find new ways of differentiating and stepping above their competitors. This new strategy is modifying Miami’s skyline.

Local developers are now outsourcing the exterior design to famous international architects. Buyers have so many options nowadays, that every detail counts when trying to be more appealing to luxury-seekers. From the parking garages and storages till the outer design of the tower, everything counts!

Each item has been modified to outperform and create a new identity that defines the condo as a group.

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to the most significant projects that have redefined Miami’s skyline. Let’s have a look at them…

1. One Thousand MuseumDowntown Miami

Untitled design (1).png

This innovative pre-construction over Biscayne Boulevard has an exceptional elegant style. The exterior style of the building is a work of, the Pritzker Architecture Prize award, Zaha Hadid. She is considered one of the most prestigious architects worldwide and has an extensive professional portfolio. One more to the list, the One Thousand Museum condo.

This condo has an organic concrete imitating a silhouette of a human spine. This “simple” detail is the only difference compared to other buildings in the Downtown neighborhood and has made it a new signature building to Miami. The name and credibility added by Ms. Hadid have definitely pushed sales. Out of the 83 units available, 48 have already been sold. This is 60% sold without even completing the project. Why? location, large units, and Zaha Hadid status reflected on the building.

2. Grove at the Grand BayCoconut Grove

Untitled design (2).png

The Grove at the Grand Bay condo has a twist style that drastically recreates the design of the two towers. It is not only pretty, but it actually improved the Biscayne Bay views. This condo designed by Bjarke Ingels has reborn the Coconut Grove neighborhood and has created a new identity for the neighborhood. There is a clear demand for this kind of structures in the area as the project has completely sold their units. That’s right… it is 100% sold already.

However, we feel obliged to say that it is not all that rosy. Being a full-glass building could be a risk due to the location of this building. As we all know, Miami is a tropical hurricane zone and as this building is mostly created with glass, the structure is not as strong as some other concrete peers.

3. Jade SignatureSunny Isles

Untitled design (3).png

At first sight, the Jade Signature condo is a rectangular floor plate building, really similar to other condos of its kind. However, when you see more in detail, you can see that there are white columns dividing each unit with a wind-blown effect.  This makes it different and creates a unique style that, in fact, improves the ocean views of each unit.

Apparently, this small variation is extremely appealing to buyers, as 96% of the project has been already sold.

4. SLS Lux BrickellBrickell Miami

Untitled design (4).png

The 100% sold SLS Lux Brickell was designed by the renowned architect’s group, Arquitectonica. This project has one of the few design variations in Brickell which makes it part of the top list. For some, it is a non-valuable small variation to a traditional building. However, the triangular rounded structure is not the only innovation of this tower.

At night, the SLS Lux Brickell reflects its glass balcony corners creating a diagonal pattern which makes it stand out of its neighbors. This simple detail makes it look very dramatic and it’s definitely appreciated by buyers as it is entirely sold.

5. Muse ResidencesSunny Isles

Untitled design (5)

There are different reasons why people are investing in Muse Residences condo. It has larger units from the average which make it more intimate and private. Out of the 47 floors, there are only 68 units. Another important reason to take into account is that there are beautiful ocean views and is one of the condos with less footprint in the area. But the reason that first comes to our mind after looking at the building’s design’s pictures is the slight twist on the top of that rectangular tube.

It is true that the Muse Residences condo is not the only one which had this idea. However, the detail of the curvature makes it look extremely elegant and stylish. Apart from that, it improves the views from the floor-to-ceiling windows. All this has been clearly appreciated by buyers as the condo is 87% sold.

6. Eighty-Seven ParkMiami Beach

Untitled design (6).png

Finally, the Eighty-Seven Park condo, designed by Renzo Piano (still under construction), has a one-of-a-kind design. Firstly, it gives the impression that the building is floating over a huge bush. It gives a special uniqueness followed by the spectacular overhang effect that the balconies have. It makes it be a step above other similar shaped buildings.

Out of the 66 units of this 18-story condo, 46 units (70%) have already been sold.

It is incredible to see how these constructions are creating a whole new Miami from the one we knew some years back. Ambitious developers are starting to understand the importance of standing out in the savage real estate market of today.

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