Miami is more than just a beach town!

22 Mar
Miami is more than just a beach town!

For the past 10 years, Miami has been facing a speedy cultural development that hasn’t been fully followed by the rest of the World. That is why people improperly think that Miami is not a “serious business city” where you can actually go other than on vacation.

Miami is not only a “cool” vacationing location anymore. A strong cultural identity has been created and “developed” in the last decade. As a citizen of Miami, I have to say that I’ve noticed the whole path that Miamians have been following for the past decade. When I imagine what is Miami now, I have a large list of characteristics that top my head. Art, sports, entertainment, business, food, transportation, and those are just a few to mention. Nonetheless, that is not everyone’s opinion.

Let’s give it a try… What are your first thoughts when thinking of Miami? I’m almost sure that if you are not living here, you thought, party, beach, shopping. Am I right? Or at least you mentioned one of them. Don’t get me wrong, clearly, Miami has is a renowned leader of these attributes, but it is way more than that, let me explain to you why…

Firstly, let’s start with Miami’s artistic side. Saying Art is a big word, there are so many ways of making art. Let’s take the Perez Art Museum (PAMM) as an example. It opened its doors only 9 years ago, and since then it has been an example of the exhibition of modern and contemporary art around the world. There is also the Adrienne Arsht Center. A performing art center in Downtown, Miami that hosts and organizes different art shows, from opera concerts, up to ballet shows. This venue opened to the public in 2006, and since then it has been the city center of the art performances in the city. Art Basel is just another example. It was first inaugurated in 2002 and it is now one of the most relevant art festivals worldwide.

For the majority, the most surprising development that Miami has had is its economic context. There are more than 170 multinational companies that are based in the city, all in extremely variable industries. Miami has $47 billion in imports and exports. There is projected job growth of 42.7% in 2019 compared to the US average of 33.5%. It is the 17th largest economy worldwide. And not to mention that Miami is on top of the podium of foreign investments. But how not to have such an impressive economy as the tax environment is all in favor of helping startups grow, international branches to establish in the city, female-owned business to develop, and more. Brickell, Miami is now a US financial city center! And it is not only an economic hub. Miami is blessed with such an incredible location that has 155 direct international flights and it is as well the biggest cargo airport in the U.S.

Being so spread out (56.6 sqm), public transportation has always been a problem. The local government has made several investments to solve this issue, creating/ accepting solutions such as the free Trolley and Metromover, buses, Metrorail, water taxis, Uber, Lyft, and the Brighline trains. The size of the city has also created a neighborhood expansion in the last decade. Overtown, Design District, Edgewater, etc. All of these neighborhoods have their own unique identity, but they are all based on the same general/Miami bases.

People have been noticing that Miami is a growing city and that is why more and more people are trying to move here every day (250 people are moving to Miami daily). The diversity in Miami is amazing! There are 100 languages spoken in the city, more than 4,200 religions and 59% of foreign-born residents, but at the same time, everyone is an “insider” in this city. That is the magic of this place.

The city has been working hard to establish a unique identity that breaks the stereotypes that people normally have when thinking about Miami. There is such a diverse portfolio that has been getting bigger and bigger each year.

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