Miami No.1 for foreign businesses

12 Oct
<strong>Miami No.1 for foreign businesses</strong>

Miami has stood out among leading cities such as New York, Boston and Houston. Indeed, our city is ranked as one of the best places in the US to do worldwide business. 

The metrics used to define this ranking are based on social, economic and environmental tendencies. The Financial Times and Nikkei have considered the quality of life, the open-mindedness of the population, the level of the workforce, the business environment, the investment trends, the foreign business needs and the quality of after-care treatment. 

Once the ranking was made, Florida was revealed as the most appealing US state for foreign businesses. Indeed, three of these cities are in the Top 10: Miami, Orlando and Jacksonville.

Miami is the first US place for foreign activity investments because it has attracted the most foreign direct investment per capita. Last year, amongst the 89 cities studied, Miami stood out thanks to its access to the airport and its access to two of the biggest US shipping ports, Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

The ranking of the TOP 20 US cities to do international business is as follows:

1) Miami (Florida)

2) Orlando (Florida)

3) New York (New York)

4) Boston (Massachusetts)

5) Houston (Texas)

6) Dallas (Texas)

7) Charlotte (North Carolina)

8) Jacksonville (Florida)

9) Raleigh (North Carolina)

10) Kansas City (Missouri)

11) Tampa (Florida)

12) Nashville (Tenessee)

13) Plano (Texas)

14) Austin (Texas)

15) Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania)

16) Portland (Oregon)

17) Denver (Colorado)

18) Phoenix (Arizona)

19) St. Louis (Missouri)

20) Greensboro (Carolina)

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