5 Mistakes to avoid when you want to invest in real estate

1704 Top-5Investing in real estate seems to be so easy according to the media. Who has not seen a TV show or read a book on how to become a millionaire investing in real estate? Nevertheless, you have to watch out for a few common mistakes. Let’s have a look at a few.

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Will Trump’s new immigration policies impact real estate?

Some immigrants, even those with a valid work permit, who were planning to buy a house, are sceptic nowadays. A few even withdrew their offers. For example in San Francisco, an Indian software engineer cancelled an offer for a house at $900,000. This is not the only case in the US, immigrants do not feel safe enough to make the biggest investment of their lifetime in a country where they might not be so welcome anymore. This fear could hurt to a certain extent the residential real estate market. Read the rest of this entry »

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What to expect for 2017?

Continuum SouthHow does the beginning of the year look like? It’s still early to draw a conclusion but it looks far better than 2016. Furthermore, with Trump as the new president many things are expected to change, as we have already experienced with the mortgage rates.

Holidays are over so sales should start moving. In the last two weeks, buyers seemed more interested and we experienced some movement. The luxury market is still good independently of what it’s happening around the country. Read the rest of this entry »

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Miami is still the place to be and to buy !


Despite the unpleasant news on the Zika virus, hurricanes and a slowdown of the real estate market, Miami is still the place to be.The Miami Association of realtors noticed that the market of the single-family home had a peak in sales during the month of August. The peak was both in volume and in prices and most of closed sales were all-cash. Read the rest of this entry »

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Will the Miami real estate market be impacted by Trump’s new presidency?

trump-palace-photo1It was a long wait but finally last week the elections were over. Everyone in Miami was hoping to see things move right afterwards. But is the outcome of the election really going to have an impact on the real estate market at our level? As we know, Trump mentioned during his campaign that he will cut down taxes and regulate immigration. In Miami, the majority of investors come from Latin America, in particular from Brazil and Argentina. Will investors hesitate to invest on the Miami real estate market? What will be the impact on sales? Read the rest of this entry »

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In which neighborhood should I buy a condo?

1611-design-districtA few years back, Miami was just an exotic city by the ocean for wealthy people. In the last few years, Miami has drastically changed. It became a modern metropolis, which encompasses charming and distinct neighborhoods. You can find urban design popping everywhere. Tourists and entrepreneurs for all over the world are attracted to the sunshine city. Let’s discover the multiple facets of Wynwood, the Design district and Brickell.

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Edgewater is catching buyers from all over the world

1609-edgewater-pic-blogEdgewater is the new neighborhood of interest blooming in the middle of the most relevant areas of Miami, between the design district and Downtown. Edgewater faces Biscayne Bay and Miami Beach. This area has been developing so fast since 2013. The neighborhood didn’t even have a name before that. How is that even possible?! The unique views and the closeness to the Design District, Midtown and the Arts & Entertainment District make it a central and desirable area. It also has an easy and quick access to the Miami International airport. Read the rest of this entry »

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