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5 Reasons to buy in Brickell

5 Reasons to buy in Brickell

The population rate in Florida has the second-fastest rate among the rest of the country. Brickell has shown a special rise of the population since 2000, and there is no sign that the growth is going to stop.

Residents are replacing the beach, for a neighborhood as Brickell that is offering a large list of advantages. Let’s go into detail to explain the 5 reasons why this neighborhood is the trendiest area in Miami right now:

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Icon Brickell is the best investment today in the Miami real estate market

Last year, the Icon Brickell was the perfect example of the floridian market during the crisis. Banks were foreclosing on 2 of the 3 towers, investors cancelling their preconstruction contracts.

Today three-quarters of the units have sold.  The banks had forecasted 3 years to achieve the sales of all the units but 18 months were sufficient. Most of the buyers are Brazilians and Argentineans. Read the rest of this entry »

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