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Little have we discussed about to the current Miami condo’s oversupply. There are new constructions in every corner, that have pushed developers to find new ways of differentiating and stepping above their competitors. This new strategy is modifying Miami’s skyline.

Local developers are now outsourcing the exterior design to famous international architects. Buyers have so many options nowadays, that every detail counts when trying to be more appealing to luxury-seekers. From the parking garages and storages till the outer design of the tower, everything counts!

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The Coconut Grove playhouse : To Be or not To Be ?

The Coconut Grove Playhouse opened in 1927 as a movie theater which has been hosting famous performers throughout the years.

But after these glory years of success, the Coconut Grove Playhouse was closed in 2006 because of debt accumulation and remains closed today.

Two weeks ago the State of Florida decided to give a 30 days deadline to the Coconut Grove Playhouse to put itself back on its feet. Otherwise, the theater will become a state property. Read the rest of this entry »

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