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What future for the Miami Deauville Resort ?

What future for the Miami Deauville Resort ?

On November 8th, Miami Beach’s residents rejected the measure that would have given the ability to transform the Deauville site into a larger project. Unfortunately this vote didn’t prevent the developer from tearing down the building. On November 11th, the last occupants left the building.

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Little have we discussed about to the current Miami condo’s oversupply. There are new constructions in every corner, that have pushed developers to find new ways of differentiating and stepping above their competitors. This new strategy is modifying Miami’s skyline.

Local developers are now outsourcing the exterior design to famous international architects. Buyers have so many options nowadays, that every detail counts when trying to be more appealing to luxury-seekers. From the parking garages and storages till the outer design of the tower, everything counts!

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Miami, the success story -part 2-


Last week I ended the first part of this article saying that Miami has become an international magnet. However the city had nine lives before getting there!  Indeed, let me remind you that back in 1970 buildings were run down, inhabited by elderly residents, and the criminality rate was hitting its record.

This is why in 1976 Barbara Baer Capitman and her son founded the Miami Design Preservation League. Their objective was simple: to give a second life to the city. They launched the restoration of the Art Deco architecture and the renovation of the Historic District. This started Miami’s revolution. The other eight lives can be summed up to the world famous Calvin Klein’s Obsession photo shoot which brought the model industry to Miami, or the release of movies as Scarface and Miami Vice and finally the legendary Versace legend. Read the rest of this entry »

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MIA, 1st international hub in the US

With an average of 1,288 international flights per week against 1,287 for JFK, Miami International Airport is became the 1st airport in the US in terms of international flights. Fort Lauderdale airport and Palm Beach are far behind their neighbor MIA with respectively 400 and 12 international connections per week.

So far this year, MIA airport is even breaking records in overall traffic. With 10.2 million passengers during the first quarter, we reach a 9.5% increase. International passengers represented an 11% increase. The main reason to this surge is the addition of new connections. In February LAN Colombia created 4 direct flights Miami-Bogotá per week and Interjet launched daily flights between Miami and Mexico City. Last month American Airlines added a new connection to Barcelona and daily flight to Kingston. Those new services are definitely helping MIA in staying at the top of the US airports list.

So now you have no longer excuses… Come visit us soon at our office located in the Yacht Club at Portofino in South Beach!


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South Beach mall project

Yesterday I went to the presentation of the mall which is going to be located at the entrance of South Beach, between 5th and 8th and Alton and West. In total it’s an 8.7 acres vacant lot which corresponds to 3 blocks. It is definitely time to do something in this muddy vacant lot…. Read the rest of this entry »


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Miami’s French connection

Last month, while it was pouring rain, some lucky people were attending the 1st Worldwide Symposium of the Foreign Trade Advisors of France in the Eden Roc Miami Beach. The purpose was to discuss the new global economical situation. Read the rest of this entry »

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This week, Condoideas Realty Group’ team has had the pleasure to discover a new condo located in the heart of South beach, in front of Collins Park. Artecity is what we can call an intimate upscale residential community. ST Residential has bought over the project and is injecting 10 million dollars to finish it.

Located in the pretty agitated South Beach area, Artecity is surprisingly a quiet and relaxing enclave. Read the rest of this entry »

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Condo built for car aficionados

The new Sunny Isles Beach luxury project is going to be the most avant-garde Miami Beach building.

This 57-story and 132 units cylindrical building is the fruit of the collaboration between Porsche Design Group and Gil Dezer, a local developer. Read the rest of this entry »

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Miami Beach sales booming in 2011

In 2011, the average volume of sales in the main South Beach condos has increase by 18.5%. Bear in mind that sales had already increased in 2010 compared to 2009. Sales from the beginning of the year till now at the Murano Grande and at the Portofino doubled compared to the same period last year. The Murano at Portofino sales tripled in 2011. At the Icon sales increased by 41%, at the Continuum by 17%. Read the rest of this entry »

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