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How the Miami River has flourished?

How the Miami River has flourished?

It is known that all great cities have been built along rivers. New York, Paris, London, Chicago, are just a few examples. It would be impossible to say it is just a coincidence! There a lot of riverfront advantages that have helped the commercial developments of cities. The half-mile long Miami River is not the exception. Miami was meant to be one of those big metropolises.

The 5.5-mile long Miami River is one of the most unique and authentic features that characterize Miami nowadays. It is so hard to think that it hasn’t always been this way, but it is actually the case. In 1950 the Miami River had a really bad reputation as everyone considered it like a cesspool. It was the last city in the U.S that pumped sewage into the river. It was only used for hosting cargo ships and marine repairs. Nowadays the story is completely different.

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