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Condominium market in Florida

Condominium market in Florida

According to the MLS, the home sales year-over-year has fell in May for the Miami-Dade and Broward counties. This is probably due to the increase of median price in properties in these areas. Palm Beach, however, did make an exception with a slight plunge of price which means that their home sales actually increased. Surprisingly, the market which saw an increase of closed sales in April dipped this month.

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Midtown Miami: the new Soho!

4 MidtownSam Tawik, a well-known New York developer, just invested $12 million in the area of Midtown Miami. Indeed he bought 27 apartments in the fabulous condominium 4 Midtown (see picture). If he is investing such an amount there, he must be pretty sure that Midtown Miami will become soon the new Soho.

In the early 60’s artists bought lofts there for at most $50,000 and these properties are now worth $3 million. Tawik values the short term appreciation in Midtown and thinks that the prices of the area will follow the Soho trend. Tawik’s strategy is simple: he is buying units which have highest end user demand and which appreciate in value the quickest. No wonder why he can hope a 35% of return on his investment within 3 years! Read the rest of this entry »

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