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Will COVID-19 be a fatal blow for Airbnb?

Will COVID-19 be a fatal blow for Airbnb?

The home-sharing market around the world has been extremely affected by the COVID-19 situation. Flights getting canceled and people scared of getting infected or spreading the virus has created a huge wave of short term rental booking cancellations that have seriously affected Airbnb hosts. The real question is can the industry’s leader survive to this lockdown?

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A wave of cash-only buyers in Florida!

Cash-Buyer[1]Lately I noticed that the number of buyers needing financing has drastically reduced. My personal feeling was confirmed by a recent study from RealtyTrac Inc showing that Florida is the nation’s leader with an amazing rate of all-cash home sales of 66 %! Even more impressive is the 69% rate of cash deals in Miami. To give you an idea, among all the other States, only Nevada with 64% and Maine with 60% got the next closest numbers of cash closings.   Read the rest of this entry »


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