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A healthy real estate market!

CaptureToday I don’t feel like speaking about whether we should be scared of a housing bubble or not. Instead, let’s speak about the reasons why home sales are looking healthy, and not only in Miami but in the United States in general! Read the rest of this entry »

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Housing bubble in Miami?

CaptureThese days I often experience the frustration behind clients that have been trying to buy a house or a condo for months. The worse is that they have it all; they are ready to buy, they have the cash, they are not picky but it seems these characteristics are not enough any longer. Indeed with so many potential buyers and a limited inventory you basically have to be hunting for a condo! I witnessed buyers that had to buy a condo without even visiting it. Timing is of the essence seems the perfect sentence in this Miami real estate market!  Nowadays it is definitely a sellers’ market. Read the rest of this entry »


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