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Miami, the success story -part 2-


Last week I ended the first part of this article saying that Miami has become an international magnet. However the city had nine lives before getting there!  Indeed, let me remind you that back in 1970 buildings were run down, inhabited by elderly residents, and the criminality rate was hitting its record.

This is why in 1976 Barbara Baer Capitman and her son founded the Miami Design Preservation League. Their objective was simple: to give a second life to the city. They launched the restoration of the Art Deco architecture and the renovation of the Historic District. This started Miami’s revolution. The other eight lives can be summed up to the world famous Calvin Klein’s Obsession photo shoot which brought the model industry to Miami, or the release of movies as Scarface and Miami Vice and finally the legendary Versace legend. Read the rest of this entry »

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