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Are Venezuelans still going for South Florida’s real estate?

Brickell view real estate miami venezuela

View of Brickell

The talk of the town, here in South Florida, is all about the political and economic in Venezuela. Does it really have an impact on Venezuelan investment in the condo market?

As a reminder, Venezuela is an oil-rich Latin-American country, said to be unstable as ever these days. It originated the 21st Century Socialism under Chavez and is now undergoing dramatic decreases in oil prices – their key asset. Hence some social, political and economic downfalls such as an average 68% annual inflation and an incredibly high murder rates. On top, critics towards the government are often sent to jail. Read the rest of this entry »

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Venezolanos Bienvenidos a Miami

Brazilian used to be the number one group of buyers from America Latina in Miami. Indeed the flourishing Brazilian economy is stimulating the purchase power of Brazilian investors thanks to tax breaks and low interest rates.

However, lately Venezuelans surpassed Brazilians. A great indicator of this trend is the furniture market. They are reporting an incredible increase of Venezuelan purchases. And who buys furniture without buying a condo ?

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