Miami skyscrapers: if developers reach for the stars, they’ll land on the moon…

07 Mar
Miami skyscrapers: if developers reach for the stars, they’ll land on the moon…

A few months back, with the Miami International Airport nearby, developers were not allowed to build towers higher than 1,000 feet in Downtown for years. However, they successfully argued that taller Miami skyscrapers won’t affect air safety or airport operations. As a consequence, aviation authorities seem more willing on raising the Downtown caps today.

So, who will build the next tallest Miami skyscraper? Two developers compete as favorites:

  • First, there is Stephen Owens from Swire Properties
    with its multi-block Brickell City Centre currently under construction on Brickell Avenue. He would like to develop a mixed-use Miami skyscraper of 1,049-foot. But he is still waiting for the approval of the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • Second, is Tiber Hollo from Florida East Coast Realty. He already has the approval for his 1,010 cloud-buster on Biscayne Boulevard.  However, he is now asking for rising his Miami skyscraper’s height up to 1,049-foot too.

If Swire’s or Hollo’s tower is approved, it would be the tallest skyscraper in the United States outside New-York and Chicago. In any case, this race to the heavens will definitely change the face of Miami.

Indeed, developers are trying to create a stunning urban environment in the Magic City. Lately people want to reduce to the minimum their commute time so going vertical seems to be the best way to meet their expectations. Moreover, according to Hollo, it’s easier to develop one Miami skyscraper than multiple lower condos.

So if this trend remains the same, there’ll be for sure lots of Miami skyscrapers in 20 years from now.

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