How Miami attract the richest

28 Dec
How Miami attract the richest

Here is the thing: Miami knows how to attract the wealthy. What seems to be the vacation place for others is a residential home for the ones with big bucks. Miami is a heaven for the American’s elite and here is how Miami attracts them:

  1. Offering a pink diamond

Yes, you actually read the right. Not just any kind of diamond though, it’s a rare pink diamond worth half a million dollars! It comes together when you purchase the $39 million three-story penthouse at the Regalia condo.

  1. Offering a $2.5 million Aston Martin Vulcan

No, we are not joking. If you buy the $50 million penthouse at the Aston Martin Residence, you will receive a $2.5 million Aston Martin Vulcan super car which is one of the only the 24 made worldwide.

  1. Forget garages, park your cars in the living room

Miami sure knows that cars are man’s best friend (sorry doggies!) and they should never be apart. The Porsche Design Tower condo in Sunny Isles has a car elevator so you can park your car right where you can see them – in your living room. Bonus: if you have more than 10 cars, the four story penthouse at the Porsche Tower can hold up to 11 cars. All yours for $32 million.

  1. We don’t do private jets, we do private helicopters

Private jets are too mainstream, return back to home sweet home by a chopper which you can park at the helipad on the One Thousand Museum condo. Now that is what call glamorous!

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