Why are stilts houses the new trend in Miami?

21 Jun
Why are stilts houses the new trend in Miami?

It’s not the first time we mention how climate weather is affecting Miami’s landscape. In our article “Miami’s great initiatives to combat climate change” we explained how Miami’s local government is developing new ways to reduce the long-term risk of flooding and stabilize the region’s economy.  This time I wanted to explore a little deeper one innovative development that is reducing the flooding risk and is creating a cool trend at the same time!

Stilts homes are the new tendency for homes in Miami. It’s true that it gives some kind of uniqueness to a home, but that is not the main reason why it’s getting common to see one of these in the sunshine state. As climate change is becoming a bigger danger for homes every year, innovative (not necessarily new) ways of fighting against it are more than welcome!

As simple as it might look, stilts are a popular solution to avoid flooding and the storm’s impact. This building practice was created in Native America for environmental reasons such as avoiding rodents bringing grain off the ground. Now it has been reestablished as a socially responsible developing method.

Knowing that there is more than $6.4 billion property value in Miami Beach under risk of flooding and that Florida is the state with the higher vulnerability of tidal flooding, it is easy to understand why stilts have been incorporated so well in the system.

The developer and stilts specialist Rene Gonzales has built a lot of elevated homes in Miami and affirms the importance will fully flourish in the next few years.

It is also true that stilts aren’t always recommended. One of the biggest enemies of stilts residences is earthquakes. Unfortunately, cities like California showed not to have the best landscape for stilts homes, as after the earthquake of 1994, most of the stilt homes collapsed and caused several deaths and damages.

On the contrary, the most recommended zone for this type of constructions is anywhere near the coast. Cities like Bankok, Istambul, or Miami are extremely benefited.




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