The Opera Tower and its developer’s brilliant ideas!

13 Mar

CaptureA few years ago, the Opera Tower had some troubles selling units. But the issue seems to be resolved. Indeed the building has now sold the 2/3 of its units. What are the reasons for a sudden interest on that building?

The best explanation I can give you is the fact that the developer decided to attract buyers thanks to financial help and leaseback program.

Indeed he is offering to help financing for up to 50 percent of the purchase price.
He also offers a lease back to the owners for up to three years after closing. It means that owners will receive a return on investment of 6% of the purchase price during that time period. Furthermore during these 3 years the monthly condo maintenances will also be paid by the developer. Finally the buyer won’t pay for rental commission fees or property management. The only things the owners will have to pay for are property taxes and insurance. I don’t know about you but it seems pretty appealing for me!

Just so you know, the 56 story building is also being redesigned right now to have a brand new lobby, pool deck and recreational room. For all these attractive reasons don’t hesitate to check the Opera Tower out and to contact us for more information about it!

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